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Daphne's Oversized Headcovers

Daphne’s Oversized Headcovers are designed to accommodate and protect today's big drivers — fits up to 460cc clubheads. Every headcover is lined with synthetic sheepskin for ultimate safeguarding and elasticized to ensure a secure fit.


  • Fits 460cc drivers
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Each headcover is guaranteed for life
  • Adds individuality and personality to your golf bag


About Daphne's Headcovers

They currently have 175 plus animal golf club covers in their line. Each animal is fully lined and
elasticized to ensure a secure fit on your clubs. Animal headcovers are designed to protect your woods, period.

Each animal is guaranteed for life. Inside the label you will find their factory phone number. Should you have any problems with your headcover, They’ll fix it. Or let you know someone in the area that can.

Detail is crucial; They have our eyes and noses custom made in Italy. The fur also is made to certain specifications.

A Golden Retriever MUST look like a golden; a black Labrador must have that Lab sheen, and a parrot has to be a vivid red. Welcome to the jungle!


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Izzo Golf Premium Driver Golf Club Headcover Izzo Golf Premium Driver Golf Club Headcover
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