Bettinardi Dreamweaver DASS BB1 Exclusive Putter

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Ultra Rare Bettinardi Dreamweaver DASS BB1

This putter was part of Robert Bettinardis personal collection, as denoted by the 'P' stamped on the neck.

This putter is now probably the only one of it's kind in existance. While it is priced at £7250.00 the actual value of it is really unknown. Rare Bettinardi putters are a great investment.

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This is the comment from the Bettinardi website "Inspired by Bob Bettinardis daughter this unique DASS BB1 Dreamweaver Personal is one of the most breath taking putters Bob has ever milled!"

Robert Bettinardi started crafting some of the world’s finest putters in 1991, from a background of engineering for the defense and medical industries. He was soon recognized as the premier engineer of one-piece milled putters and went into business for himself in 1998. The Bettinardi trademark is the "honeycomb" face applied with a jeweler's tool which in addition to creating a signature look also "provides an additional benefit of added spin without tearing up the ball cover." As with all Bettinardi putters, the entire putter head and wedge of this putter, including the hozel, has been milled from one solid piece of steel. DASS, Double Aged Stainless Steel.

All pictures are of the actual putter, which is in mint condition. It has never hit a ball and the grip has still got the original shrink wrap on.



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