Pro-Tekt Neoprene Mallet Golf Putter Cover

Pro-Tekt Neoprene Mallet Golf Putter Cover

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Pro-Tekt Mallet Putter Cover

Pro-Tekt head covers offer excellent protection from the elements. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a full range of clubs, they are made from high quality Neoprene which provides a snug fit. New Pro-Tekt head covers are now available in Black/Orange. Pro-Tekt head covers feature a magnetic ‘pick-up’ tab, enabling the user to retrieve the cover with the club head. Pro-Tekt head covers come in colour co-ordinated packaging

Pro-Tekt Mallet Putter Cover Features

    Pro-Tekt ‘Mallet’ Putter Cover
    Magnetic pickup system
    Tough, stretchable, durable neoprene
    Available in Black/Orange


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